Sillyphil_140 | Dlive

First of all welcome to my little part of the internet. As a full-time business owner, full-time Dad of 3 , full-time husband and a part-time streamer, this website is going to be the best place for all my activities in more detail than my twitter profile.

I started my Journey of streaming back on Twitch in December 2018. Although Twitch is a fantastic platform it just isn’t built for a busy man like myself. A friend of mine introduced me to Dlive and OMG what a supportive platform that is. I am loving Dlive and I am loving streaming more than ever before, with my friends and the community.

So, assuming you’re not Google and you have gotten this far in my opening speech I will tell you the reason behind this website.

I am a married man who owns his own business – SEO Enterprise Limited – and am trying to find a way of combining my top 2 passions: SEO & Streaming Games. During my time watching streamers on Dlive & Twitch I have noticed that Social Media dominates the marketing of streamers and rightfully so, but I believe that there is a place for Google & other search engines in the streaming world and this my platform to do that.

This website will help me show how Streamers can use SEO to help boost their own channels and maybe their Revenue.

If you have not joined Dlive already then why not? Use this link Join Dlive and create an account now. If you want to stream on Dlive please use this link.

What you can expect on my website

  1. I love food so you can expect Food Reviews
  2. Streaming News and events
  3. SEO stream summaries
  4. My friends on Dlive are also my family so I will give them shout outs
  5. Gaming reviews
  6. My Ark Life
  7. Mental health awareness
  8. Plus plenty of other stuff as I come up with new ideas along the way