Everything We Know About The Upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake So Far

With the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake on its way, a lot of the fans are still left wondering what gameplay features have been added and removed. Well hopefully this blog will shine some light on some of the unknowns! Have a browse through our brief guide below on the new Resident Evil 4 remake and what to expect on release day.


The Resident Evil gameplay has always had to strike a balance between the action and horror elements! The devs have made it clear that the remake will stay true to the action genre but with a stronger focus on making the horror aspects (which were quite scarce in the original game) even scarier, and judging by the new graphics of the game they are definitely going to deliver. New combat features include parrying; new gameplay footage has revealed that you can parry attacks in the game, even arrows, so you can now become practically unstoppable. But you can expect the combat mechanisms to remain mostly faithful to the original, so don’t worry, Leon has not lost his touch with his Tae Kwon Do!


The graphics of this game are outstanding to say the least, with using the brand new Unreal Engine 5 this game looks gorgeous even with the desolate scenery and dead landscape! If one aspect of this remake isn’t going to disappoint, it’ll be the graphics.


This remake has kept most of its old and iconic weaponry such as the starting pistol AKA Silver Ghost and the classic shotgun, although the decision to change the knife design to a K9 Bayonet and ditch the cooler looking knife that the original had may be a controversial one! But the overall handiness of the new knife is quite spectacular since you can parry practically everything with it.


The characters in the remake are looking better than ever with Leon keeping the Resident Evil 2 look but slightly altered to be looking more tired and more battle worn. Ashley is looking more better with the new Unreal Engine 5 as well as Luis looking quite weird in my opinion but keeping the same personality which is nice to see.

Overall I’m so happy that they are remaking these iconic games and I’m really excited to play the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake! If you are interested in learning more about the new RE4 to get you more hyped for the game’s release, keep checking back for more!

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