Cartel Tycoon

So, it has been nearly a week since I got Cartel Tycoon and managed to rack up nearly 24 hours and as anyone who knows me will know that is quite impressive,

I am not a professional game reviewer and I am not fancy with words as always ill keep it direct simple and honest.

Is the game worth getting answer = yes?

I really enjoy the game if you like tycoon games then this is a great addition and I like that it does not get to complicated as your progress however in story mode I have not managed to capture more than 4 areas at any one time, so it might still get complicated.

I also am super encouraged by the fact it is still in development and lots of things to come which they do hint about in game, (wont reveal as hello spoilers).

I think I would like to add but I reckon they have left this option out on purpose or I have missed it. I would like to save as and create new saves so that I can have starting points if things go tits up which has happened to me a lot and found it much easier to start again from scratch then try and solve the mess I made. However, that would make the game easier as I can take more risks and just go back to an earlier save so I get why they might never do this.

My gaming review 3.5 out of 5. But can easily jump to a 5 as it is in development.

Great job team Cartel Tycoon.

Resident Evil 8 Confirmed: Everything We Know So Far

At long last Capcom has officially announced the next instalment of the Resident Evil horror franchise. Resident Evil 8 comes straight off the back of two huge successes for the developers in the form of the RE2 & RE3 remakes, and from what we can gather up to now, Resident Evil 8 is set to be another breath-taking addition to the franchise.

With a picture of what to expect from the game slowly starting to emerge, here’s everything we know about the upcoming release so far.

The title

As if the intention were to confuse us, this edition of Resident Evil will have 2 names: Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil Village. The title will be Resident Evil Village, but the ‘Vill’ portion of the word is spelled out like roman numerals. This has confused some quarters of the gaming community, but Capcom seem unconcerned. It looks like the clever play on the word village was simply too much to resist for the developers!

The release date

The only thing we know is the release date will be sometime next year. With the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes coming out in January and April respectively, fingers crossed for another early release!

The platforms

Bad news for PS4 and Xbox One users… you’ll have to upgrade your console if you want to play Resident Evil 8 as the game will only be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

The storyline

Resident Evil 8 is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is a smart move on Capcom’s part considering RE7 was the company’s second-biggest title ever and the highest-selling game in the franchise’s history. Capitalising on the previous title’s success was shrewd, and fans will be delighted to know the new edition will address the cliff-hanger scene at the end of RE7 and conclude the story of Ethan and co.

Game Setting

The exact location of the new game is still unknown, but what we do know is it’s set in some kind of creepy village – possibly in the British countryside. Oh….and there are werewolves!


Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer, who has been on the money on more than one occasion in the past, has offered some insight, which makes for interesting reading to say the least.

“The game is in first person, so many purists are going to hate it because it’s taking some serious departures in terms of the storyline, enemies etc. Hallucinations, Occultism, insanity and not being able to trust people are all huge thematics of the game.”

So, there you have it. We know when it’ll be released (sort of) what it’s called (kinda) and what it’s about (vaguely). As the months tick by and we approach 2021, no doubt more details will emerge, but for now we’ll just have to sit and wait patiently for what’s sure to be one of next year’s most spine-tingling titles.

Escape From Tarkov I need you to wipe already.

Its been while but its been a tough few weeks and Escape from Tarkov is leading the way in consuming my game time. I’ve been debating on getting the game for a while and then I made the jump to get the game after some encouragement from Kevjrobbo.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at the game, but I love the challenge it provides. I spent about 2 months playing as much as I can, and the challenges got crazy hard and now I’m ready for the game to wipe and provide new challenges.  The game is excellent but I’m at the point where I’m just growing round trying to loot and as I am not that good I die more than I survive at the moment but I DO give as good as I get.

Only hardcore players left

With the release of COD’s new game mode its feels like only the hardcore Tarkov players a left and I’m currently no match for them. Which hurts me to admit because it means I’m getting old. I think once the wipe happens most of the community, I play with will all be on it again and battling away. The Tetris part of the game is super hard currently with the crap I’m hoarding as well. The flea market is carp price now as well.

Anyway, don’t forget to follow my teammates and check in on my DLive streams when you can.

I’ve been suffering from the virus so my DLive streams have been very on and off but will be back ASAP

I can’t put hunt showdown DOWN

Anyone who has been checking out my streams lately will know I have been streaming a lot of Hunt Showdown. I can’t seem to put the dam thing down.

Hunt: Showdown

For anyone who hasn’t played it or heard of it, Hunt has two modes a bounty hunter mode and a quick play mode. The quick play I don’t play as I always want to play as part of a team and Quick play is more of a solo game.

Now the mode I play is teams of 2 or 3 and can be done solo all going around trying to find and hunt these big boss things known as bounties. The guns remind me of an old western type guys basically nothing fancy or technology based like ark.

The games have a 60mins timer and the idea is to kill the bounty banish it and get the hell out but that’s the mission for everyone, so you more than likely will come across other players to kill to get out alive. If you don’t then well done.

What I love about the game is how addictive it is and the levelling up system is something I have never seen before and keeps you playing for hours and hours on end. Like all games though it does have the ability to cheat and when you come across them players the game does seem unfair (cause it is) and can get frustrating but the game is awesome and is definitely my game of the month to be playing.

Catch me on DLive for more hunt plays and Join me Kenny and New GP Kev from the SEO Team try our best to level up.

We will be taking a break from Hunt for a snooker match against Simseeker this Tuesday at about 7pm.

apex season 2

First Impressions of Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge

Apex legends have stepped it up for season 2 with a few new additions, including new characters, new weapons, a bunch of new weapon mods, skins and…oh yea, huge ass monsters. The devs at Fortnite have constantly added, adjusted, tinkered and revamped to prevent the tedium from setting in. Have EA done enough for season 2 to persuade players to carry on playing?

Season 2 dropped on July 2 to freshen up a game that was starting to stagnate a little. I’ve clocked many hours into this game as it has become my go-to pick-up-and-play. But I’ve been starting to get so accustomed to both the characters, as well as the map itself, I feel as though I was starting to know the game a little too well: As was everyone else.

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