Cartel Tycoon

So, it has been nearly a week since I got Cartel Tycoon and managed to rack up nearly 24 hours and as anyone who knows me will know that is quite impressive,

I am not a professional game reviewer and I am not fancy with words as always ill keep it direct simple and honest.

Is the game worth getting answer = yes?

I really enjoy the game if you like tycoon games then this is a great addition and I like that it does not get to complicated as your progress however in story mode I have not managed to capture more than 4 areas at any one time, so it might still get complicated.

I also am super encouraged by the fact it is still in development and lots of things to come which they do hint about in game, (wont reveal as hello spoilers).

I think I would like to add but I reckon they have left this option out on purpose or I have missed it. I would like to save as and create new saves so that I can have starting points if things go tits up which has happened to me a lot and found it much easier to start again from scratch then try and solve the mess I made. However, that would make the game easier as I can take more risks and just go back to an earlier save so I get why they might never do this.

My gaming review 3.5 out of 5. But can easily jump to a 5 as it is in development.

Great job team Cartel Tycoon.

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