Way to long for an update

Way to long for an update

So its been forever since I updated my blog, I can only apologise for this as the streams have been the same very short and very long in between,

I am hoping that will change as I am starting to see what happens when I don’t stream and don’t blog.

So what have I been up to. Simple answer is working through Covid isn’t easy because Google cant catch Covid and SEO doesn’t sleep, (well it might in Australia) and with home schooling and the twins its been crazy time for Sillyphil and his mental health has been tested.

This video explains a lot



So gaming wise I am back on Tarkov reached level 40 as of today 12th Feb. Still crap but I feel I am getting better.

Loving the new woods addition, still not a fan of reserve but labs I’m getting the hang of that as well.

I have gone all romantic and added a new page to my website about new date ideas for anyone that needs it.

I am really going to come back with a new bang when I do and push for that GP on Dlive but making sure I am a good GP and not just going to reach the goal and get depressed and leave like a few others.

Anyway folks discord is still looking to grow and the SEO community is building so check out the captains and join the discord if you can.

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