5 Film Production Blogs for Filmmakers to Follow

If you’re reading this, then you already know about our blog here at Title Productions, where we bring you the latest industry information along with our advice and expertise on film production. Our blog is one of thousands floating around the web and, since you’re here, we thought we’d help you out with a list of the best film production blogs to follow and read alongside our own!

Best blog for current events: Filmmaker Magazine

If you’re in the industry, then you probably know about Filmmaker Magazine. Founded in 1992, the quarterly publication celebrates its 30th anniversary next October! With a readership more than 60,000-strong, this magazine has cemented itself as a significant presence in the filmmaker industry over its 3 decades of active publication. The Filmmaker blog is equally impactful, offering its readers up-to-date columns and articles on everything from directing and screenwriting to financing and festivals!

Best blog for the casual reader: IndieWire

If you haven’t yet checked out IndieWire, it’s definitely worth a read! IndieWire was launched in 1996 and passed its 25th birthday last month! IndieWire provides an accessible blog that focuses on less jargon-heavy or technical topics, opting instead for compelling opinion pieces on industry events and breaking news stories. IndieWire is the perfect place for more casual film fans or indie filmmakers looking to keep up-to-date with the comings and goings of the industry

Best blog for camera tech: Cinema 5D

If you’re a photographer, filmmaker or cinematographer looking for information on the latest DSLR models, camera technology and accessories, then Cine D is the place for you! Cine D’s blog, Cinema 5D, has a heavy focus on digital photography and filmmaking, and is the best place to get all your information and reviews about new gear coming to the market, from lenses, flash guns, and tripods all to way to cooling systems, storage solutions and editing software!

Best blog for screenwriters: Screencraft

Screencraft is a site centred entirely around screenwriters. Most famous for their writing and screenplay competitions, of which they currently have five active, Screencraft also has an extensive blog dedicated to all things writing. For detailed analysis of screenwriting and essential tips and tricks for bringing out the best in your penmanship, Screencraft has something for beginners and professionals alike!

Best blog for sound mixers: Pro Sound Effects

Now we’ve covered the photographers and writers among you, it’s now the sound artists’ turn! Pro Sound Effects is a blog entirely dedicated to sound design and audio mixing. Here you’ll find news and information about sound mixing software, sound design for various film genres and formats, and advice on creating effective sound effects! Basically, if you work with audio, Pro Sound Effects has you covered!

Bonus: Title Productions

As we said above; since you’re already here, you already know and love our blog here at Title Productions, but we’d still be amiss to not give ourselves an honourable mention! Title Production specialise in all things film production, including social media marketing, graphic design, and content strategy! Check back with our blog regularly for detailed advice and industry updates!

Way to long for an update

Way to long for an update

So its been forever since I updated my blog, I can only apologise for this as the streams have been the same very short and very long in between,

I am hoping that will change as I am starting to see what happens when I don’t stream and don’t blog.

So what have I been up to. Simple answer is working through Covid isn’t easy because Google cant catch Covid and SEO doesn’t sleep, (well it might in Australia) and with home schooling and the twins its been crazy time for Sillyphil and his mental health has been tested.

This video explains a lot



So gaming wise I am back on Tarkov reached level 40 as of today 12th Feb. Still crap but I feel I am getting better.

Loving the new woods addition, still not a fan of reserve but labs I’m getting the hang of that as well.

I have gone all romantic and added a new page to my website about new date ideas for anyone that needs it.

I am really going to come back with a new bang when I do and push for that GP on Dlive but making sure I am a good GP and not just going to reach the goal and get depressed and leave like a few others.

Anyway folks discord is still looking to grow and the SEO community is building so check out the captains and join the discord if you can.

2 New Nintendo Switch Titles Set to Arrive in Cloud-Based Format

Cloud-based gaming is coming to the Nintendo Switch after the announcement of two upcoming titles.

The news was announced today (October 28) at the Nintendo Direct Mini showcase, which was used to introduce some of the third-party games that are set to arrive on the console.

The upcoming cloud-based titles are Hitman 3 and Control: Ultimate Edition, which is available from today, and these will be the first titles in the console’s history to be playable in this format.

Posting on its official Twitter account, Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) said: “Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is available now on #NintendoSwitch! Discover a world unknown in the acclaimed action-adventure title from Remedy Entertainment.”

Following up on that announcement, the Japanese electronics company later released another Tweet, this time concerning the second title that’ll be released on the cloud-based format: “Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his career in HITMAN 3 – Cloud Version, coming to #NintendoSwitch!”

Although cloud-based gaming on the Nintendo Switch has been around quite a while in Japan, this is the first time we’ve been treated to this format over here in the UK.

To access each title, a free launch application will be available for download from the eShop. This will not only let players access the title but it’ll offer the chance to test the quality before they make a purchase. This could be just as well as according to the eShop listing, players will need a “persistent, high-speed internet connection to play the game”, so to avoid disappointment you’ll want to your connection is up to the job before making the purchase.

Every player will be asked to complete a five-minute trial to see if their connection is adequate, which is a nice touch and shows Nintendo care about their players’ experience and aren’t just looking for a quick cash grab.

Sony Announces PS5 Fan Will Be Optimised Via Updates

It’s amazing what can be done via updates these days, as Sony reveals the cooling fan on the upcoming PlayStation 5 will be continually optimised using online patches.

The General Manager of Sony’s product design and hardware division, Yasuhiro Ootori was interviewed by 4Gamer recently. During the interview, Ootori was asked about the updates on the soon-to-be-released console and he revealed the tech-giant’s ambitious plans, explaining how the system’s accelerated processing unit (APU) will use an on-board temperature sensor.

“Various games will be released in the future, and the data on the APU’s behaviour in each game will be collected,” he told the gaming publication. “We have a plan to optimise fan control based on this data.”

During the recent teardown video for the PS5, Ootari – who hosted the showcase – showed off the system’s double-sided cooling fan, revealing the console will feature a total of 4 sensors to help with temperature regulation. He also discussed the size of the fan and spoke about the different options regarding the cooling system, detailing why the company decided to choose the design they did.

“It was possible to develop the PlayStation 5 to be smaller. For example, by implementing two cooling fans – one for side A and one for side B – the PlayStation 5 size would have been reduced.”

Despite the reduction in size, Ootari said the cost of installing two fans would have meant the price of the console increased, while it would also make controlling the system’s overall cooling ability much more difficult. With those potential pitfalls in mind, he said the decision was made to use the double-sided fan instead.

“With these additional obstacles in mind, we decided to cool both sides of the main board with one large fan,” he confirmed.

The brand-new PlayStation is set for release in the UK on November 19 and will be priced around £450, with the digital-only version around £100 cheaper.

*2K Games Forced into Apology Over NBA 2K21 Ads

If you’ve played the new NBA 2K21 title, no doubt you’ve noticed the unskippable ads that pop up when you’re playing the game. The 15-second-long ads are a new addition to the NBA titles, and it’s fair to say some fans aren’t exactly thrilled with their inclusion.

After angry players voiced their displeasure on social media, 2K Games – the developers of the title – released a statement in which they apologised for the frustration caused. They also revealed these styles of ads would not been seen on future titles, although they stopped short of saying they’d remove them from this particular instalment.

Commenting on the backlash, 2K Games said: “As many are aware, in recent years ads have been integrated into 2KTV segments. Yesterday’s 2KTV ad placement impacted our players’ experience in a way we didn’t intend, as these ads are not meant to run as part of the pre-game introduction. This will be fixed in future episodes. Thanks for your continued feedback.”

The statement comes just one day after the ads were introduced, with many players furious the pop-ups had been placed into a premium title. Others also pointed out that this isn’t the first time 2K Games have irked their players with unwanted ads, as pop-ups have appeared in past titles too. This is the first time gamers have been unable to skip the adverts though, which seems to be the source of much of the frustration.

The situation is a mirror image of the anger caused by EA Sports with the UFC 4 game. When the developer of the game decided to include ads, players were quick to complain, claiming they were interrupting gameplay.  EA Sports swiftly removed the ads, although 2K Games appear unwilling to do the same, which could see this situation rumble on with the majority of players clearly unhappy over their inclusion.

Apple and Epic Games Given Court Date

It’s weapons at the ready as a court date for the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple has been set. With the developers of Fortnite suing the American tech-giant over what they describe as a monopolisation of the iOS digital marketplaces, the two are set to go head to head in the courtroom.

Epic Games filed a lawsuit immediately after Apple banned the company from the App Store after the developers were deemed to be in breach of its payment rules. A bench trial – which means there’ll be no jury present – will begin on May 3 next year.

Epic Games’ argument is that with Apple banning third-party companies from running their own stores on the platform, they’ve essentially created a monopoly. This would put Apple in breach of the antitrust law, which was set up to prevent such behaviour.

The timing couldn’t come at a worse time for Apple, as the House Judiciary’s committee on antitrust has recently released a report in which it said the company, along with rivals Google, Facebook and Amazon, have created a monopoly within the tech industry. It may be very difficult Apple to now argue otherwise.

With the two companies at loggerheads, Apple has prevented gamers from downloading Fortnite on iOS devices since August, and players who already had the game before then are now unable to update it. This means players are unable to receive any of the latest seasonal content such as changes to the map or new skins and characters.

This isn’t the first time Epic Games had been shut down. Google Play also took the decision to throw Fortnite off its own platform, although Android users can still access the device on other digital stores that support the operating system.

Due to the on-going pandemic, the court has not decided whether the case should be held in person or virtually via video link, but things should become more clear at the start of next year.

EA Sports Backtrack Over FIFA 21 Demo

FIFA fans will be delighted to know that a demo for the franchise’s upcoming release is coming to PS4 and Xbox One after all.

Fans of the football games were left dismayed after the developer EA Sports announced the traditional demo for the game was being scrapped this year. The announcement meant that anyone wishing to play the latest edition of the title would need to wait until the game’s full release on October 6.

Traditionally, demos have been released so fans can experience the game before the title’s full release. It also gives the developer a chance to iron out any wrinkles before the game’s official launch.

However, with the next-gen consoles due to arrive in the coming months and the developers looking to lighten their workload, EA Sports initially announced they were shelving plans to release the taster, insisting they would prefer to focus on “delivering the best full game experience for current and next-gen consoles.”

But just a short while after the announcement, the developers have backtracked on their original plan and decided they will in fact release a demo, which will be music to the ears of some FIFA fans. The demo is now expected to launch on PS4, Xbox and PC.

 EA Sports will host a celebration tutorial video on YouTube at 4pm UK time. The developer will apparently use this as a platform to announce the demo for the upcoming release, so keep an eye on the preview if you’re interested in getting a sneak peak of the game.

Some gamers had suggested EA Sports were worried about receiving some heavy criticism of the game, which some believe may explain why they were reluctant to introduce a demo. Whether or not the early apprehension suggests a lack of confidence in the product remains to be seen, but at least fans can now get a glimpse of the title before handing over the £50 it’ll cost to purchase.

Gaming Industry Put On Notice Over Loot Boxes

The British government has warned the gaming industry that it’s ready to look into loot boxes with a potential crackdown on the horizon.

Earlier in the summer, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) announced it would be approaching the public for evidence over loot boxes, with some suggestions the in-game features are encouraging children to gamble.

Today, three months after raising initial concerns, a statement on the government’s website says the DCMS intends to gather evidence to establish whether loot boxes could be causing addictive behaviour in kids.

“The Government has launched a call for evidence on the impact of loot boxes in video games, to examine concerns they may encourage or lead to problem gambling,” the statement reads.

“The open call for evidence will help us understand peoples’ positive and negative experiences of loot boxes in video games. It will seek the experiences of players and their parents or guardians as well as rigorous, high-quality data and research from games companies, academia, civil society as well as any other organisations with an interest in the issue.”

Loot boxes are in-game containers that carry virtual items such as skins or weapons, and players purchase them with either virtual or real-world currency. The contents of the boxes are unknown, so players buy them in the hope they receive something worthwhile.

With loot boxes featuring in games that are predominantly aimed at children, some have suggested they represent a form of gambling, which could lead to addictive tendencies both now and in later life. The aim of the government is to establish the impact loot boxes are having and whether or not they should be deemed as gambling.

The statement also says the government is looking to find out how much the in-game purchase market is in the UK, and it says it won’t hesitate to put new regulations in place if the findings suggest loot boxes are potentially harmful.

“The government stands ready to take action should the outcomes of the call for evidence support taking a new approach to ensure users, and particularly young people, are better protected.”

The calls for evidence will open until 22 November so if you’d like to share your experiences then head over to the government’s official website.

Sony Planning to Change Cost of PS5 in Wake of Xbox Price Release

The never-ending tussle between Microsoft and Sony continues…

According to reports, Sony are now considering a re-think over the price of the PS5 after Microsoft revealed the cost of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S. 

Last week, Microsoft beat their rivals to the punch by announcing the price of their next-gen consoles – £449 for the Series X and £249 for the disk drive-less Series S.

And after seeing their rivals lay their cards on the table, Sony are said to be considering changing their own plans to bring them more in-line with what Microsoft have put forward.

That’s the word on the grapevine, with European gaming publication Gamereactor citing an anonymous source who said Sony’s price for the PS5 was considerably more expensive than that of the new Xbox consoles. If the rumour is to be believed, the difference is so large that Sony feel they need to slash the price in order to make their consoles more competitive.

Microsoft announced the Xbox consoles would be released on November 10th, with pre-orders starting on September 22nd. As of yet, there’s no official news on the release date of the PS5 but expect something soon as neither company is ever far behind when their rival makes a move.

News of a possible price reduction will be music to the ears of those considering buying the PS5 console, so hats off to Microsoft for releasing their price plans early as they may have just saved PlayStation fans a few quid too!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the two tech giants jostling for a larger share of the market, and if history’s anything to go by, it most certainly won’t be the last. With both consoles set to go head-to-head once more, it should be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Compatible Upgrade Banner Arrives on PS4 Box Art

If you were avoiding purchasing games for your PlayStation 4 due to the upcoming release of the PS5 then you’ll be glad to hear that a number of games will now be playable across both consoles.

For those planning on jumping across to the next-gen systems, buying new games right now might not represent the best value of money with the PS5 set for release in the next few months. But plans to make games cross-console have been revealed on the box art of Immortals Fenyx Rising, meaning you can continue playing some PS4 games when the next-gen console drops.

An image of the artwork for the Greek mythology open world game was posted on Amazon, and to the bottom of the cover it says “PS5 Upgrade Available”. The message will now be present on compatible titles in an effort to make consumers aware of the initiative.

The upgrades will work differently across titles and how you claim yours could depend on which version of the game you own. For example, if you own a digital copy of Far Cry 6, you’ll only be entitled to a free download on the PS5. On the other hand, if you own a physical copy of the game then hold onto the disk as you’ll need it to play on the PS5.

This means if you purchase a physical copy of a game now, you won’t get a free digital version if you end up purchasing the disk drive-less PS5 Digital Edition, so bear that in mind.

The news comes amid rumours Sony are set to re-think the pricing of the PS5, with the tech giant looking to slash the price of the new console to compete with the surprisingly cheap upcoming Xbox releases. So, with another piece of welcome news, it’s been a good week for any PlayStation fans keen to save some money for Christmas!