5 Film Production Blogs for Filmmakers to Follow

If you’re reading this, then you already know about our blog here at Title Productions, where we bring you the latest industry information along with our advice and expertise on film production. Our blog is one of thousands floating around the web and, since you’re here, we thought we’d help you out with a list of the best film production blogs to follow and read alongside our own!

Best blog for current events: Filmmaker Magazine

If you’re in the industry, then you probably know about Filmmaker Magazine. Founded in 1992, the quarterly publication celebrates its 30th anniversary next October! With a readership more than 60,000-strong, this magazine has cemented itself as a significant presence in the filmmaker industry over its 3 decades of active publication. The Filmmaker blog is equally impactful, offering its readers up-to-date columns and articles on everything from directing and screenwriting to financing and festivals!

Best blog for the casual reader: IndieWire

If you haven’t yet checked out IndieWire, it’s definitely worth a read! IndieWire was launched in 1996 and passed its 25th birthday last month! IndieWire provides an accessible blog that focuses on less jargon-heavy or technical topics, opting instead for compelling opinion pieces on industry events and breaking news stories. IndieWire is the perfect place for more casual film fans or indie filmmakers looking to keep up-to-date with the comings and goings of the industry

Best blog for camera tech: Cinema 5D

If you’re a photographer, filmmaker or cinematographer looking for information on the latest DSLR models, camera technology and accessories, then Cine D is the place for you! Cine D’s blog, Cinema 5D, has a heavy focus on digital photography and filmmaking, and is the best place to get all your information and reviews about new gear coming to the market, from lenses, flash guns, and tripods all to way to cooling systems, storage solutions and editing software!

Best blog for screenwriters: Screencraft

Screencraft is a site centred entirely around screenwriters. Most famous for their writing and screenplay competitions, of which they currently have five active, Screencraft also has an extensive blog dedicated to all things writing. For detailed analysis of screenwriting and essential tips and tricks for bringing out the best in your penmanship, Screencraft has something for beginners and professionals alike!

Best blog for sound mixers: Pro Sound Effects

Now we’ve covered the photographers and writers among you, it’s now the sound artists’ turn! Pro Sound Effects is a blog entirely dedicated to sound design and audio mixing. Here you’ll find news and information about sound mixing software, sound design for various film genres and formats, and advice on creating effective sound effects! Basically, if you work with audio, Pro Sound Effects has you covered!

Bonus: Title Productions

As we said above; since you’re already here, you already know and love our blog here at Title Productions, but we’d still be amiss to not give ourselves an honourable mention! Title Production specialise in all things film production, including social media marketing, graphic design, and content strategy! Check back with our blog regularly for detailed advice and industry updates!

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