Everything We Know About The Upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake So Far

With the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake on its way, a lot of the fans are still left wondering what gameplay features have been added and removed. Well hopefully this blog will shine some light on some of the unknowns! Have a browse through our brief guide below on the new Resident Evil 4 remake and what to expect on release day.


The Resident Evil gameplay has always had to strike a balance between the action and horror elements! The devs have made it clear that the remake will stay true to the action genre but with a stronger focus on making the horror aspects (which were quite scarce in the original game) even scarier, and judging by the new graphics of the game they are definitely going to deliver. New combat features include parrying; new gameplay footage has revealed that you can parry attacks in the game, even arrows, so you can now become practically unstoppable. But you can expect the combat mechanisms to remain mostly faithful to the original, so don’t worry, Leon has not lost his touch with his Tae Kwon Do!


The graphics of this game are outstanding to say the least, with using the brand new Unreal Engine 5 this game looks gorgeous even with the desolate scenery and dead landscape! If one aspect of this remake isn’t going to disappoint, it’ll be the graphics.


This remake has kept most of its old and iconic weaponry such as the starting pistol AKA Silver Ghost and the classic shotgun, although the decision to change the knife design to a K9 Bayonet and ditch the cooler looking knife that the original had may be a controversial one! But the overall handiness of the new knife is quite spectacular since you can parry practically everything with it.


The characters in the remake are looking better than ever with Leon keeping the Resident Evil 2 look but slightly altered to be looking more tired and more battle worn. Ashley is looking more better with the new Unreal Engine 5 as well as Luis looking quite weird in my opinion but keeping the same personality which is nice to see.

Overall I’m so happy that they are remaking these iconic games and I’m really excited to play the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake! If you are interested in learning more about the new RE4 to get you more hyped for the game’s release, keep checking back for more!

How Is Rocket League Not Dead Yet?

It would not be outlandish to assume that you have heard of Rocket League. “Oh, that one where you play football with cars?” Yes, that’s the one! Put simply, it is just football with cars, but Rocket League offers so much more than that. The most popular game mode is called Soccar and the aim is to win a match by scoring more goals than the opposing team by using your car to bump the ball into your opponent’s net. You also have the boost function: on the arena there are yellow pads on the floor that add boost to your gauge. If you have boost then when pressing the boost button, you will gain boost of acceleration which can be used to get an edge over your opponents. The final important aspect to be outlined is called the aerial mechanic. To perform an aerial manoeuvre, you have to boost whilst in the air to try to hit the ball, making the car essentially fly through the air.

Casual Playlist

The playlist for Casual Soccar consists of 3v3, 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4. I will cover 3v3 and 2v2 in this segment as they are the most noteworthy. Let’s start with 3v3, which has no standout mechanics or unique elements, but is the traditional way of playing Rocket League. It is usually best for a new player to start off with 3v3 so they get used to the norm. It is also the best game mode for casual players because of the relaxed nature of the mode: you can leave at any time, join in the middle of random games, and play with people of any ability. This low-stress environment is perfect for someone who perhaps wants to play the game for fun in their limited spare time, but not for someone ready to quit their job or drop out of school to pursue getting to Grand Champion full time!

Next, 2v2. On paper 2v2 seems very similar to 3v3, but in practice there are some differences. The most obvious difference is that there is one less player per team; I know, quite the discovery. Having fewer players on the pitch makes the arena feel empty, there is much less chaos, and generally people playing 2v2 are more competent at the game. Now, 2v2 does require a higher degree of care. You cannot storm off on solo attack or attack with your partner freely as your goal is left unattended and one nicely placed clearance, or lucky bump may mean you have just conceded a goal. This game mode, although still a casual mode, involves more thinking and planning, as basic strategy is required to be able to attack and not get caught off guard by a sudden change of action.

These standard game modes of Soccar are quite fun, however not perfect. A commonly witnessed annoyance by me is when I join a new game, and it 2 minutes until the end, your team is either losing horribly or winning by a landslide and most players have left and are replaced with bots. Apart from this one gripe, this section of the game is quite enjoyable, and takes up a sizeable portion of my total hours played.


Ranked is basically just the casual playlist but, depending on how many games you win, you’ll advance to higher tiers with players of similar ability. The key difference is that games aren’t casual: results matter. A player starts out as unranked and must play 10 matches to determine their initial rank. Let’s say that rank is Gold, for example, the player then keeps playing games in order to advance through to the next rank which, after gold is platinum, then diamond, champion, and finally grand champion. This mode is both fun and challenging as it shows you the hard work you have done in the form of your rank, it is addictive to try and reach the highest rank you can during each season.

Much like the casual playlist, ranked is not flawless. A major let down is that you can often find a player that sacrifices his rank in order to ruin other players’ ranks by scoring own goals and essentially making the teams unfair. At times there are also players that leave on purpose so that their teammates are put at a disadvantage. However, this is not as a result of the playlist, but more because of the people who play it.

Extra Modes

The extra modes playlist consists of four unique game modes: Snow Day, Hoops, Drop Shot, and Rumble.

Snow Day:

It is basically just standard Soccar, but the ground is covered with snow and the ball is replaced with a hockey puck. The replacement of the ball means that it takes time to get used to the hockey puck mechanics as it slides around, does not bounce predictably, and can be either larger or thinner depending on how it is placed.


The main gimmick with hoops is that the goal is replaced with a basketball hoop. It changes the dynamic completely as now the focus is getting the ball into the air and trying to hit aerials into the hoop, not keeping the ball on the floor like in Soccar.

Drop Shot:

This is by far the most unique mode in the whole game. The arena is split into two, and it is basically an altered form of volleyball as the aim is to not have the ball touch the floor of your team’s side. If the ball does, then a portion of the floor is either damaged or destroyed, revealing a hole. If the ball falls into the hole, you lose a point. A key point is that when you concede a point, your side of the field resets, whereas the opponents’ side stays the same, so if it is a battle down to the wire, and both sides are badly damaged, when one team concedes the point, the other team is now more vulnerable since they badly damaged after the previous battle.


Rumble is normal Soccar, but every 10 seconds you receive a power up to aid you throughout the game. There are a lot of powerups to name, so I will share just a few of the most popular ones. The first powerup, Plunger, is a plunger, hence the name, which sticks onto the ball and hurls it in the direction you are going. The next, Freezer, allows you freeze the ball in place when in range. It will only start to move when the effect has worn off or a player has bumped it. Lastly, the Spike. When activated, your car will grow spikes and the ball will stick to the body, meaning you can go anywhere with the ball until the effect wears off. The power ups add a fun twist to the standard mode, making it a go to for me personally.

Rocket League is a well-polished, expertly made game that has made a huge impact on the gaming community, and the industry overall. It is clear that Rocket League is still highly popular even seven years after it was first launched back in 2015, and it will most likely remain relevant for years to come. Rocket League’s longevity can be put down to its fun and challenging game play, as well as the variety of game modes and regular new content such as new seasons, tournaments, and downloadable content (DLC).

Authored by guest writer Szymon Pilas.

Checking Out a New Arrival to Xbox Gamepass: Monster Sanctuary

Microsoft’s Gamepass service delivers a huge collection of playable games for a monthly subscription cost. Originating on Xbox, Gamepass is now available to play from a PC as well as an Xbox console, albeit with a few games excluded due to compatibility. Microsoft is constantly updating Gamepass with new titles entering the service and longstanding ones eventually leaving. Most weeks, Microsoft has at least one or two new games to go up on the platform, and even boasts a few day-one releases. This week we’re looking at Monster Sanctuary, a cute platformer released in 2019 and just added to the Gamepass service a few days ago.

Monster Sanctuary is a delightful and relaxing turn-based experience that can still pose a challenge. Its central theme of collecting monsters and building a 6-member team has drawn many comparisons to the globally popular Pokémon series and many have even accused it of being a simple rip off. But Monster Sanctuary has much more to offer than a watered-down Pokémon experience!

You begin the game by choosing your starting monster between four options, the Wolf, the Eagle, the Toad, and the Lion. Each has a primary and secondary element from the four natural elements often found in games and TV shows: water, wind, fire, and earth. The Spectral Wolf, for example, has a water and wind combination of elements, which determine its skills and moves in battle.

The game delivers an attractive platformer with the perfect level of pixelisation and a user interface reminiscent of Terraria or other classic retro platformers. Battles are usually 3 v 3 and extra XP is awarded for using the games mechanics to your advantage, like employing the combo system to boost your biggest hitters by using your support moves first. The depth of gameplay allows for serious strategists to enjoy a game where your approach makes all the difference!

The monsters you collect all come with unique skills that can be used to help navigate the world, like flames that active torches or a slash that cuts through vines. Each battle allows you to select three monsters from your team of six so you will have the opportunity to choose the elements most to your advantage. With so much to offer from the game mechanics, and a huge range of monsters to find, fight, collect and evolve, this game is much more than a poor imitation of Pokémon, it is a relaxing and engaging experience for the gamer who wants to focus more on strategy than reaction speed!

The Best Budget Players to Kick Off Your FIFA 22 Squad

With FIFA 22 releasing only a few ago and everyone needing to find themselves a starter team, we thought it would be only right to make a list of some of the best cheap players at the start of FIFA 22!

Kicking off the list we have the 80 rated beast Renato Sanches! For only 8k on Xbox and 12k on PlayStation you can grab yourself a great all-rounder with some awesome stats: 84 PAC, 74 SHO, 77 PAS, 84 DRI, 72 DEF and 84 PHY. With a shadow on this man can do anything, from covering every corner of the pitch to picking up your kids from school for you. This card is possibly one of the best all round budget cards and is definitely one of the best starter players to pick up to go into your team!

Next on the list we have the 80 Borussia Dortmund Striker Malen. For the price of 800 coins on both Xbox and PS, you can make your opponent wish they had never bought the game in the first place!  They’ll be asking themselves why someone who is the same price as a packet of Cheetos has suddenly turned into R9 and has run around your entire team four times just to chip the keeper from 50 yards. If that very specific description (definitely not from first-hand experience) didn’t sell him to you, then how does a lovely 90 pace, matched with 97 finishing, 94 agility and 98 dribbling when you chuck a finisher on him sound? I’d say it sounds pretty good.

Third on the list we have everyone’s favourite super sub from FIFA 21, Adama Traore! 2k for the successful footballer version of Usain Bolt isn’t too bad now. If you enjoy a sprint down the wing like it’s the 100m every time you pick up the ball, then Traore is the perfect player for you! Now the stats on this card aren’t all that enticing, as he can only just about stand on his left foot with his 2* weak foot, the shooting will need a finisher chem style to get him to 81 finishing, and the passing…well it’s not great. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter as all you’re going to do is run the ball into the back of the net from your own box every time you use him!

If you have enjoyed this very personal account of the best budget players you should get in your team, you can check out the rest of my blog or the content on my Dlive stream!

Bethesda 10 years of Skyrim Anniversary Edition November 11

The Elder Scrolls Series has thrilled audiences for nearly three decades since its first instalment, The Elder Scrolls: Arena first hit shelves in 1994. Since then, players of the iconic open world role-playing game series have enjoyed four additional Elder Scrolls chapters consisting of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, released in 1996, 2002, 2006, and 2011 respectively. Audiences are now eagerly (and patiently) awaiting a long-teased sixth chapter, rumoured to be set in a previously unexplored region of the map, known as Hammerfell. In addition to all of this, Bethesda have also released a host of expansion packs, and launched a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game called Elder Scrolls Online which also boasts its own large selection of additional content available to download.

On November 11th this year, Bethesda is celebrating 10 years since the original release of Skyrim. A whole decade of magic, gods, civil war, and, of course, the iconic dragons that soar through the clouds of Skyrim! Bethesda have decided to celebrate this momentous milestone by focusing on the fans of the beloved series by creating the The Skyrim Museum, an online shrine dedicated to artwork, cosplaying, and other fan submissions.

But of course, no game’s anniversary would be complete with the (hold for a collective groan) Anniversary Edition. That’s right! The Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be released on the anniversary date and will introduce a few choice new features, including some that will be available free to all owners of the original Skyrim or the 2017 Remastered Edition: fishing mode, survival mode, and additional quests from Saints and Seducers. Purchasing the Anniversary Edition in full will give you access to these plus 74 creations, 48 currently available in the Remastered version and 26 that are brand-new. Bethesda claim that these creations will showcase over 500 individual elements such as items, armour, weapons, or quests.

But Bethesda isn’t stopping there either! As the final pièce de resistance, an anniversary Skyrim concert will be held on 11th November alongside the release of the new edition of the game. The London Symphony Orchestra and the London Voices Choir will be making tribute to the sounds of Skyrim, from the soundtrack itself to ambient soundscapes and in-game songs.

A Quick Review of FIFA 22

FIFA is widely regarded as the largest franchise of all time, and is certainly the largest e-sports game series in the history of gaming. For almost 30 years, since its launch in 1993, FIFA has brought an annual update to its football management simulator which always sees the game vamped up with better graphics, more detailed character models, and smoother gameplay. Now that the release date for FIFA 22 is almost upon up, let’s take a quick look at some of the new features boasted by this much anticipated release!

This year’s FIFA is special because it is now being released on next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Because of this, the graphics engine has seen a significant boost. This can be seen through the beautiful details put into the animations and modelling. From seeing the players kits crease and cling to the glistening of sweat on their foreheads, the attention to fine details in this graphics certainly surpasses any previous FIFA instalment. However, it must be noted that the beauty of these graphics have seemingly been reserved for the players, while the managers have not benefitted from such a leap in detail.

If you’ve played FIFA though you’ll know that graphics are great but gameplay is king. FIFA have certainly delivered on this front! FIFA 22 is the first to include their brand new motion capture technology, HyperMotion. HyperMotion is not a gimmick, either. It employs more than 4,000 new animations created from motion captures taken during real-life matches. This has resulted in a much more fluid and natural feel from the player’s motions, including more realistic reactions to the momentum and direction of the ball.

The metagame features have also seen some wonderful new additions, like the new expanded stats screen you can view during and after your matches. You can see a brief overview of your basics like pass accuracy and shots on target, yet delve further in and you’ll find detailed diagrams showing the angles of your shows, where you lost possession, and a host more incredible fine details to allow you to develop your playstyle.

Overall, FIFA 22 delivers one of its best upgrades yet. The graphics are exquisitely detailed, as far as the world-class players go anyway, and the gameplay itself brings a smoother and more immersive experience than ever before. The player movements are just that much more realistic and the player’s individual personalities and stats and brought out much stronger that in previous iterations. New features like the explosive sprint mechanic give strikers an adrenaline-induced speed boost while goalkeepers let fewer basic balls slip past their fingers.

On top of all of this FIFA 22 boasts one of the best FIFA soundtracks so far and some brand new additions to its game modes, including a create your own club feature. Player Career Mode also adds an extra layer of depth with match objectives somewhat reminiscent of RPG quests, completion of which progresses your manager relationship. Creating your own player comes with a plethora of attributes to upgrade and a skill tree that would interest even Skyrim fans. From physical attributes to separate skill trees for defending, dribbling, shooting and even club-wide perks to boost your whole squad, the customisation options are near-limitless! FIFA 22 hits stores on Friday, so you don’t have long to wait before you can grab your copy!

5 Film Production Blogs for Filmmakers to Follow

If you’re reading this, then you already know about our blog here at Title Productions, where we bring you the latest industry information along with our advice and expertise on film production. Our blog is one of thousands floating around the web and, since you’re here, we thought we’d help you out with a list of the best film production blogs to follow and read alongside our own!

Best blog for current events: Filmmaker Magazine

If you’re in the industry, then you probably know about Filmmaker Magazine. Founded in 1992, the quarterly publication celebrates its 30th anniversary next October! With a readership more than 60,000-strong, this magazine has cemented itself as a significant presence in the filmmaker industry over its 3 decades of active publication. The Filmmaker blog is equally impactful, offering its readers up-to-date columns and articles on everything from directing and screenwriting to financing and festivals!

Best blog for the casual reader: IndieWire

If you haven’t yet checked out IndieWire, it’s definitely worth a read! IndieWire was launched in 1996 and passed its 25th birthday last month! IndieWire provides an accessible blog that focuses on less jargon-heavy or technical topics, opting instead for compelling opinion pieces on industry events and breaking news stories. IndieWire is the perfect place for more casual film fans or indie filmmakers looking to keep up-to-date with the comings and goings of the industry

Best blog for camera tech: Cinema 5D

If you’re a photographer, filmmaker or cinematographer looking for information on the latest DSLR models, camera technology and accessories, then Cine D is the place for you! Cine D’s blog, Cinema 5D, has a heavy focus on digital photography and filmmaking, and is the best place to get all your information and reviews about new gear coming to the market, from lenses, flash guns, and tripods all to way to cooling systems, storage solutions and editing software!

Best blog for screenwriters: Screencraft

Screencraft is a site centred entirely around screenwriters. Most famous for their writing and screenplay competitions, of which they currently have five active, Screencraft also has an extensive blog dedicated to all things writing. For detailed analysis of screenwriting and essential tips and tricks for bringing out the best in your penmanship, Screencraft has something for beginners and professionals alike!

Best blog for sound mixers: Pro Sound Effects

Now we’ve covered the photographers and writers among you, it’s now the sound artists’ turn! Pro Sound Effects is a blog entirely dedicated to sound design and audio mixing. Here you’ll find news and information about sound mixing software, sound design for various film genres and formats, and advice on creating effective sound effects! Basically, if you work with audio, Pro Sound Effects has you covered!

Bonus: Title Productions

As we said above; since you’re already here, you already know and love our blog here at Title Productions, but we’d still be amiss to not give ourselves an honourable mention! Title Production specialise in all things film production, including social media marketing, graphic design, and content strategy! Check back with our blog regularly for detailed advice and industry updates!


Cartel Tycoon

So, it has been nearly a week since I got Cartel Tycoon and managed to rack up nearly 24 hours and as anyone who knows me will know that is quite impressive,

I am not a professional game reviewer and I am not fancy with words as always ill keep it direct simple and honest.

Is the game worth getting answer = yes?

I really enjoy the game if you like tycoon games then this is a great addition and I like that it does not get to complicated as your progress however in story mode I have not managed to capture more than 4 areas at any one time, so it might still get complicated.

I also am super encouraged by the fact it is still in development and lots of things to come which they do hint about in game, (wont reveal as hello spoilers).

I think I would like to add but I reckon they have left this option out on purpose or I have missed it. I would like to save as and create new saves so that I can have starting points if things go tits up which has happened to me a lot and found it much easier to start again from scratch then try and solve the mess I made. However, that would make the game easier as I can take more risks and just go back to an earlier save so I get why they might never do this.

My gaming review 3.5 out of 5. But can easily jump to a 5 as it is in development.

Great job team Cartel Tycoon.

Way to long for an update

Way to long for an update

So its been forever since I updated my blog, I can only apologise for this as the streams have been the same very short and very long in between,

I am hoping that will change as I am starting to see what happens when I don’t stream and don’t blog.

So what have I been up to. Simple answer is working through Covid isn’t easy because Google cant catch Covid and SEO doesn’t sleep, (well it might in Australia) and with home schooling and the twins its been crazy time for Sillyphil and his mental health has been tested.

This video explains a lot



So gaming wise I am back on Tarkov reached level 40 as of today 12th Feb. Still crap but I feel I am getting better.

Loving the new woods addition, still not a fan of reserve but labs I’m getting the hang of that as well.

I have gone all romantic and added a new page to my website about new date ideas for anyone that needs it.

I am really going to come back with a new bang when I do and push for that GP on Dlive but making sure I am a good GP and not just going to reach the goal and get depressed and leave like a few others.

Anyway folks discord is still looking to grow and the SEO community is building so check out the captains and join the discord if you can.

2 New Nintendo Switch Titles Set to Arrive in Cloud-Based Format

Cloud-based gaming is coming to the Nintendo Switch after the announcement of two upcoming titles.

The news was announced today (October 28) at the Nintendo Direct Mini showcase, which was used to introduce some of the third-party games that are set to arrive on the console.

The upcoming cloud-based titles are Hitman 3 and Control: Ultimate Edition, which is available from today, and these will be the first titles in the console’s history to be playable in this format.

Posting on its official Twitter account, Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) said: “Control Ultimate Edition – Cloud Version is available now on #NintendoSwitch! Discover a world unknown in the acclaimed action-adventure title from Remedy Entertainment.”

Following up on that announcement, the Japanese electronics company later released another Tweet, this time concerning the second title that’ll be released on the cloud-based format: “Agent 47 returns for the most important contracts of his career in HITMAN 3 – Cloud Version, coming to #NintendoSwitch!”

Although cloud-based gaming on the Nintendo Switch has been around quite a while in Japan, this is the first time we’ve been treated to this format over here in the UK.

To access each title, a free launch application will be available for download from the eShop. This will not only let players access the title but it’ll offer the chance to test the quality before they make a purchase. This could be just as well as according to the eShop listing, players will need a “persistent, high-speed internet connection to play the game”, so to avoid disappointment you’ll want to your connection is up to the job before making the purchase.

Every player will be asked to complete a five-minute trial to see if their connection is adequate, which is a nice touch and shows Nintendo care about their players’ experience and aren’t just looking for a quick cash grab.