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First Impressions of Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge

Apex legends have stepped it up for season 2 with a few new additions, including new characters, new weapons, a bunch of new weapon mods, skins and…oh yea, huge ass monsters. The devs at Fortnite have constantly added, adjusted, tinkered and revamped to prevent the tedium from setting in. Have EA done enough for season 2 to persuade players to carry on playing?

Season 2 dropped on July 2 to freshen up a game that was starting to stagnate a little. I’ve clocked many hours into this game as it has become my go-to pick-up-and-play. But I’ve been starting to get so accustomed to both the characters, as well as the map itself, I feel as though I was starting to know the game a little too well: As was everyone else.

These days, every time I jump into a game I find myself filtering towards the same action areas where everyone knows exactly where to clamber, duck and cover to make shootouts feel a little sterile. But now, the tower has fallen! and the map has seen a bit of a revamp as the local fauna – in the form of leviathans and flyers – has come to reclaim some of Apex’s hottest property.

Beasts aren’t the only new additions to be arriving in season 2, however:

All New Legends

The first new playable character to get to grips with is electric fence wielding engineer Wattson. Electric fences might not sound so intimidating and will definitely take players time to come to grips with what she’s capable of, but once you get the hang of them, they can be incredibly useful in the endgame.

Her tactical ability allows her to throw up laser barriers to block opponents from entering certain areas whilst allowing teammates to pass through unharmed. Early on, these are easier used in built up areas to funnel enemies into kill zones or to prevent a hungry pack from hunting you down when your shields are depleted. In more open spaces the fences get much trickier to use, but if you do get caught out in the open, her ultimate ability (a spinning beacon) will destroy all projectiles, including grenades and even Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment. Wattson’s passive grants her the ability to fully charge her ultimate to 100% using just one Ultimate Accelerant.

Another character that has already been teased in the new trailer for season two but is not yet available in game is Crypto, although he should be landing somewhere this season. We don’t know a lot about our new character but it is expected he is going to be some sort of hacker who can potentially cause some real mischief with EMP attacks as he is already responsible for bringing down the Repulsor tower and marking his presence on the map even before we get a chance to see him in action.

New Gun

Fans of Titanfall 2 will already be familiar with the new L-STAR plasma rifle where it made its debut. The LMG style energy weapon is exclusive to care packages, so don’t worry if you play a few games and don’t see any littering the floor. It fires projectiles lower than any other ammo type already in game, and you need to keep a close eye on the gun’s heat gauge as to not put it out of action. It also has the ability to knock down doors so you can dig out those pesky downed crawlers blocking the doorways.


Season 2 builds on the challenges from season one and really gives players some initiative to try new things with all new daily and weekly challenges to master. Challenges from season one were, at times, repetitive and seemed like a weak attempt at getting you to choose characters that tend to get left by the wayside. Progression through the battle pass was also a slog because of the challenges, something season 2 looks to overcome by bringing in some quests that players are going to want to go for and that will reward you with more rapid Battel pass progression should you accomplish them.

Weapon buffs and additional content

The most notable weapon buff occurring with season 2 is the increased damage output of everyone’s favourite weapon: the famous Mozambique. The three-shot, single-handed shotgun is getting a damage boost so that we finally may be able to use it as a viable option instead of just firing off three wild blasts as we cower in a corner, hoping for the best.

You can now pick up extended mags for energy weapons as well as Hammerpoint rounds which gives the P2020 and Mozambique an extra bit of damage to players without a shield and Disruptor Rounds that deal increased damage to shielded targets, compatible with the Alternator and RE-45.

Let me know how you get on during season two of Apex Legends.

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