I can’t put hunt showdown DOWN

Anyone who has been checking out my streams lately will know I have been streaming a lot of Hunt Showdown. I can’t seem to put the dam thing down.

Hunt: Showdown

For anyone who hasn’t played it or heard of it, Hunt has two modes a bounty hunter mode and a quick play mode. The quick play I don’t play as I always want to play as part of a team and Quick play is more of a solo game.

Now the mode I play is teams of 2 or 3 and can be done solo all going around trying to find and hunt these big boss things known as bounties. The guns remind me of an old western type guys basically nothing fancy or technology based like ark.

The games have a 60mins timer and the idea is to kill the bounty banish it and get the hell out but that’s the mission for everyone, so you more than likely will come across other players to kill to get out alive. If you don’t then well done.

What I love about the game is how addictive it is and the levelling up system is something I have never seen before and keeps you playing for hours and hours on end. Like all games though it does have the ability to cheat and when you come across them players the game does seem unfair (cause it is) and can get frustrating but the game is awesome and is definitely my game of the month to be playing.

Catch me on DLive for more hunt plays and Join me Kenny and New GP Kev from the SEO Team try our best to level up.

We will be taking a break from Hunt for a snooker match against Simseeker this Tuesday at about 7pm.

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