SEO Captain Application

SEO Enterprise is looking to start a stream team. Its not a typical stream team its something new and inventive. This team is about being sponsored by a company and helping each other grow. The idea is you help SEO Enterprise provide a unique service to its clients and we help you grow and help you provide content for your stream and also help the pocket (eventually).

We are looking for team captains, 4 to start off with.

Common question what do you get out of this?

Now it’s all experimentally but we do have some perks:

  1. We are going to provide you with a website (in talks with a web design company so could even be fully designed) at the moment can only promise a basic shell for you to edit change etc.
  2. You will be part of an exclusive team where we will provide you with different companies and items to promote on your streams
  3. SEO Enterprise will SEO your website to help you rank on google for keywords that will help you get sponsored
  4. You will have the tools to be able to create your own team within a team so you can pay it forward and help others grow.

Being part of a team like this is very experimental at the moment but something SEO Enterprise is very excited about if you wish to apply fill in the form below:

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