DLive Got Talent

So we (we being the SEO Stream Team) hosted and DLive community event last night on the one and only DLive and boy was it eventful.

It did not go down completely as planned few hiccups well technical difficulties here and there but overall fantastic event considering it is only day 1 of the event. The event itself was amazing and everyone who entered gets my respect for even applying and showcasing their talent, AS most talent shows it was mostly singers, but we had a few surprises which is always nice.

So far, we have 8 people through to the final and we have 1 (maybe even 2) more audition shows to go.

Basically, lots more fun for the trolls to get involved in.

The final will be held on the 24th July where the winner will be crowned and our first DLIVE GOT TALENT Champion will be announced.

The best place to catch the event is on the DGT page the next event will be Saturday 1pm 11th July 2020.

My only hope of doing this event was to bring a little bit of fun and happiness to the platform I fell in Love with a year ago.

As I was writing this we have decided to reopen applications for DGT..

The audition show will be 7pm Wednesday 15th July 2020…..

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