EA Access and EA Origin Consolidated to Form EA Play

Electronic Arts Inc. has revealed the EA Access and EA Origin subscription services will be merged into one platform, known as EA Play.

After starting life as EA Access on Xbox One, the service adopted a number of different monikers as it made its way across each platform. But as it finally makes its long-awaited arrival on Steam, EA has decided to merge everything under one banner: EA Play.

The brand-new all-in-one service allows PC and console gamers to play a selection of EA titles, as well as some of the brand new and upcoming releases, all for a single subscription cost.

For £4 a month or £20 a year you’ll receive access to EA’s gaming catalogue, a 10% discount on EA gaming purchases and 10 hours play time on a selection of upcoming new releases.

You can also upgrade your subscription to the EA Play pro tier, which removes the 10-hour restriction on new titles and offers access to a wider selection of games. The cost of this subscription is £15 or £90 per year.

The platform is a great way of revisiting some of the older EA titles and getting a taste for some of the new stuff coming up, so depending on your preferences as a gamer this may be a great subscription that you’ll get excellent value from.

If you’re an EA sports junkie who can’t get enough of the Madden or FIFA games, for example, then you’ll benefit from using the service as you can delve into a massive choice of the old titles without having to purchase each individual game.

As well as being accessible on the PlayStation and X Box stores, EA Play will also be available on Steam for PC users. The service is set to launch on Steam on August 31.

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