Compatible Upgrade Banner Arrives on PS4 Box Art

If you were avoiding purchasing games for your PlayStation 4 due to the upcoming release of the PS5 then you’ll be glad to hear that a number of games will now be playable across both consoles.

For those planning on jumping across to the next-gen systems, buying new games right now might not represent the best value of money with the PS5 set for release in the next few months. But plans to make games cross-console have been revealed on the box art of Immortals Fenyx Rising, meaning you can continue playing some PS4 games when the next-gen console drops.

An image of the artwork for the Greek mythology open world game was posted on Amazon, and to the bottom of the cover it says “PS5 Upgrade Available”. The message will now be present on compatible titles in an effort to make consumers aware of the initiative.

The upgrades will work differently across titles and how you claim yours could depend on which version of the game you own. For example, if you own a digital copy of Far Cry 6, you’ll only be entitled to a free download on the PS5. On the other hand, if you own a physical copy of the game then hold onto the disk as you’ll need it to play on the PS5.

This means if you purchase a physical copy of a game now, you won’t get a free digital version if you end up purchasing the disk drive-less PS5 Digital Edition, so bear that in mind.

The news comes amid rumours Sony are set to re-think the pricing of the PS5, with the tech giant looking to slash the price of the new console to compete with the surprisingly cheap upcoming Xbox releases. So, with another piece of welcome news, it’s been a good week for any PlayStation fans keen to save some money for Christmas!

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