PlayStation 5 Price and Release Date Finally Revealed

Sony has announced the price of the upcoming PS5 – and it’ll cost exactly the same as the Xbox Series X.

In a 40-minute presentation last night, the Japanese tech-giant revealed the cost of the flagship PS5 would be £449, mirroring the price tag of the Xbox series X and setting the stage for both consoles to battle it out once again this Christmas.

Sony also revealed the next-generation console will hit UK shelves on 19 November with some stores are already taking pre-orders.

Although the cost of the regular consoles will be the same, each will arrive on the shelves with a disk drive-less alternative, where gamers will need to download their favourite titles rather than play using disks. Priced at £359.99, Sony’s Digital Edition will cost a whopping 40% more than the low-end Xbox machine, meaning the race to become the best-selling console could be close this time around.

In previous years, PlayStation has outsold the Xbox by 2-to-1, but despite matching price tags on the regular consoles, with such a large disparity on the cost of the digital versions, experts believe Microsoft might finally bridge the sales gap this year.

Sony also used the presentation to announce some of the upcoming titles for the PS5, and the price of some of the games raised one or two eyebrows. Some of the new first-party games will set gamers back £70 – even more than the already-announced £65 for third-party titles.

Despite the eye-watering cost of the games and the massive difference in the price of the digital-only console, initial signs suggest PlayStation fans aren’t put off, with pre-orders already selling out across the world.

But with Microsoft aiming low with its own pricing on the Xbox Series X and Series S, it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top in the console battles this time around.

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