Resident Evil Finally Set for TV Series Adaptation

The much-anticipated Resident Evil Live-Action TV adaptation has finally been given the go-ahead by Netflix.

Ever since a description of the plan was accidentally posted on the Netflix Media Centre back in 2018, we’ve waited with bated breath for an official announcement. After 18 long months, we’ve finally received the confirmation we were craving.

The show has received the green light for an initial 8 hour-long episodes, with more to come if the project proves a success. Esteemed writer Andrew Dabb is the man tasked with penning the brand-new series.

As well as confirming the show, Netflix also gave us an idea of what’s to come by sharing details about the plot and the main characters in the upcoming series.

Announcing the show on its official Twitter account, Netflix said: “When the Wesker kids move to New Racoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything. Resident Evil, a new live action series based on Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise, is coming to Netflix.”

Elaborating on the plot further, Netflix revealed the series will take place over 2 timelines, giving fans an idea of what to expect once the show finally hits our screens. The statement describes how in the first timeline, two 14-year-old sisters named Jade and Billie are relocated to New Racoon City. Despite seeming like a normal place to live at first, the more time the sisters spend in the city, the more they get the sense something just isn’t quite right. Before long they discover the city is concealing some very dark secrets.

The second timeline will dart 10-years into the future where there are only 15-million people left on Earth with the rest of humanity turned into flesh-eating zombies and other monsters infected by the T-virus.

With Dabb still busy working on the upcoming ‘Supernatural’ series after production was delayed due to the pandemic, no announcement has been made on when we can expect the show to hit our screens. As soon as any info is released, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

EA Access and EA Origin Consolidated to Form EA Play

Electronic Arts Inc. has revealed the EA Access and EA Origin subscription services will be merged into one platform, known as EA Play.

After starting life as EA Access on Xbox One, the service adopted a number of different monikers as it made its way across each platform. But as it finally makes its long-awaited arrival on Steam, EA has decided to merge everything under one banner: EA Play.

The brand-new all-in-one service allows PC and console gamers to play a selection of EA titles, as well as some of the brand new and upcoming releases, all for a single subscription cost.

For £4 a month or £20 a year you’ll receive access to EA’s gaming catalogue, a 10% discount on EA gaming purchases and 10 hours play time on a selection of upcoming new releases.

You can also upgrade your subscription to the EA Play pro tier, which removes the 10-hour restriction on new titles and offers access to a wider selection of games. The cost of this subscription is £15 or £90 per year.

The platform is a great way of revisiting some of the older EA titles and getting a taste for some of the new stuff coming up, so depending on your preferences as a gamer this may be a great subscription that you’ll get excellent value from.

If you’re an EA sports junkie who can’t get enough of the Madden or FIFA games, for example, then you’ll benefit from using the service as you can delve into a massive choice of the old titles without having to purchase each individual game.

As well as being accessible on the PlayStation and X Box stores, EA Play will also be available on Steam for PC users. The service is set to launch on Steam on August 31.

Resident Evil 8 Confirmed: Everything We Know So Far

At long last Capcom has officially announced the next instalment of the Resident Evil horror franchise. Resident Evil 8 comes straight off the back of two huge successes for the developers in the form of the RE2 & RE3 remakes, and from what we can gather up to now, Resident Evil 8 is set to be another breath-taking addition to the franchise.

With a picture of what to expect from the game slowly starting to emerge, here’s everything we know about the upcoming release so far.

The title

As if the intention were to confuse us, this edition of Resident Evil will have 2 names: Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil Village. The title will be Resident Evil Village, but the ‘Vill’ portion of the word is spelled out like roman numerals. This has confused some quarters of the gaming community, but Capcom seem unconcerned. It looks like the clever play on the word village was simply too much to resist for the developers!

The release date

The only thing we know is the release date will be sometime next year. With the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes coming out in January and April respectively, fingers crossed for another early release!

The platforms

Bad news for PS4 and Xbox One users… you’ll have to upgrade your console if you want to play Resident Evil 8 as the game will only be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

The storyline

Resident Evil 8 is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which is a smart move on Capcom’s part considering RE7 was the company’s second-biggest title ever and the highest-selling game in the franchise’s history. Capitalising on the previous title’s success was shrewd, and fans will be delighted to know the new edition will address the cliff-hanger scene at the end of RE7 and conclude the story of Ethan and co.

Game Setting

The exact location of the new game is still unknown, but what we do know is it’s set in some kind of creepy village – possibly in the British countryside. Oh….and there are werewolves!


Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer, who has been on the money on more than one occasion in the past, has offered some insight, which makes for interesting reading to say the least.

“The game is in first person, so many purists are going to hate it because it’s taking some serious departures in terms of the storyline, enemies etc. Hallucinations, Occultism, insanity and not being able to trust people are all huge thematics of the game.”

So, there you have it. We know when it’ll be released (sort of) what it’s called (kinda) and what it’s about (vaguely). As the months tick by and we approach 2021, no doubt more details will emerge, but for now we’ll just have to sit and wait patiently for what’s sure to be one of next year’s most spine-tingling titles.

What was the essential game of Lockdown 2020?

When the news landed that the UK, and pretty much the rest of the world, were heading for a lockdown in response to the Coronavirus threat, gamers everywhere were thinking the same thing: what am I going to play?

For many gamers, now a predominant age group of older gamers who have to straddle a working life alongside their social and gaming life, finding time to indulge in marathon gaming sessions can be a tough ask.

So with all this free lockdown time on our hands, it was the perfect for chance for furloughed gamers everywhere to take a deep dive into their favourite gaming world. But one major obstacle faced them – there weren’t many games coming out.

Cyberpunk 2077 was still along way off and the open worlds of CD Projekt Red would seem to have been the perfect lockdown companion. After all, what better way to spend the downfall of the modern world than in a dystopian future world where everything’s already gone down the toilet.

Luckily, to fill the void there was one big release of the year that arrived just in time: The Last Of Us 2. It has been 7 years since the first game wowed fans the world over with its incredibly detailed and nuanced storytelling, recreation of a familiar trope of infected apocalyptic survival in a beautiful and unique way and brutally gut wrenching action that pulled us in from the first minute and didn’t let go.

The Last of Us 2 brought us back to the West Coast of the USA to continue the journey of Ellie and Joel as they continue to make a life for themselves in a world full of infected, slowly being reclaimed by nature.

The atmospheric tension brought about in the game, as well as further heart-breaking storytelling seemed to be the perfect setting for COVID-19 lockdown in which a real life virus threatened humanity. Admittedly we didn’t have to go to the lengths to survive that Ellie and Joel had to persevere, we just had to make sure we stayed in our homes and wore masks when we went to the supermarket. Many braindead zombies struggled to follow these guidelines which made bashing the heads of virtual zombies all the more enjoyable. You see this lead pipe I duct taped scissors to? It’s for you Karen!

Even if this game didn’t come out in the middle of a lockdown it still would have been up there for game of the year. Neil Druckman and Naughty Dog sure now how to make a video game and they sure know how to tell one hell of a story. One which will tear your heart out and have you crying on the bathroom floor in your lockdown dressing gown you’ve been wearing for the past 6 consecutive days.

And if you don’t feel like having your soul and humanity questioned there is always Animal Crossing 2. 

3 Facts About Mobilegeddon

Google is one of the most competitive search engines around and it is constantly working to improve its ranking characteristics in order to ensure that only the very best websites manage to obtain a spot on the highly sought-after page one in the SERPs. This is implemented through the use of algorithms like Panda and Penguin which are regularly updated in order to monitor the quality of a website as it changes. Read on as the team here at SEO Enterprise go over 3 facts that everyone should know about the mobile-friendly Google algorithm update that was dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’…

Mobilegeddon was introduced on April 21st 2015

It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago since the online world was rocked by the introduction of a mobile-friendly Google algorithm, however the update was actually implemented over five years ago on the 21st of April 2015! It was coined ‘Mobilegeddon’ by Chuck Price, who wrote an article about the algorithm prior to its release in March 2015. Interestingly, it was one of the first Google updates that SEO technicians and marketers were warned about in advance and allowed to prepare for.

The algorithm targeted smartphone results

As technology advanced, more and more people were getting their hands-on high-quality smartphone software. In 2015, users were able to browse the web without the need for PC, however the results they were provided with were far and few between because only a handful of websites had been optimised for mobile use. Google caught onto this and decided to introduce an algorithm that made mobile-friendly features a compulsory ranking characteristic. As a result, the ranking of sites were mainly affected on smartphone SERPs rather than desktop SERPs.

More than 50% of websites were affected

Due to the sheer lack of mobile optimisation, statistics suggest that around 50% of rankings were affected when Mobilegeddon was first implemented. After all, many marketers were unsure what was classified as ‘mobile-friendly’ during the preparation period as the algorithm targeted a lot more than backdoor features. Luckily, Google is a fair and ethical search engine and websites were given the opportunity to improve their ranking in the weeks that followed by making relevant changes.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we play close attention to every single algorithm update that the Google search engine implements as we believe that they are the secret to a successful campaign. After all, the spiders that crawl a website are looking for algorithm-friendly features that appeal to both the search engine and the user. Since the introduction of Mobilegeddon, many SEO technicians have learned the importance of having a mobile-friendly site as the algorithm singles out and penalises those without it.

DLive Got Talent

So we (we being the SEO Stream Team) hosted and DLive community event last night on the one and only DLive and boy was it eventful.

It did not go down completely as planned few hiccups well technical difficulties here and there but overall fantastic event considering it is only day 1 of the event. The event itself was amazing and everyone who entered gets my respect for even applying and showcasing their talent, AS most talent shows it was mostly singers, but we had a few surprises which is always nice.

So far, we have 8 people through to the final and we have 1 (maybe even 2) more audition shows to go.

Basically, lots more fun for the trolls to get involved in.

The final will be held on the 24th July where the winner will be crowned and our first DLIVE GOT TALENT Champion will be announced.

The best place to catch the event is on the DGT page the next event will be Saturday 1pm 11th July 2020.

My only hope of doing this event was to bring a little bit of fun and happiness to the platform I fell in Love with a year ago.

As I was writing this we have decided to reopen applications for DGT..

The audition show will be 7pm Wednesday 15th July 2020…..

Escape From Tarkov I need you to wipe already.

Its been while but its been a tough few weeks and Escape from Tarkov is leading the way in consuming my game time. I’ve been debating on getting the game for a while and then I made the jump to get the game after some encouragement from Kevjrobbo.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at the game, but I love the challenge it provides. I spent about 2 months playing as much as I can, and the challenges got crazy hard and now I’m ready for the game to wipe and provide new challenges.  The game is excellent but I’m at the point where I’m just growing round trying to loot and as I am not that good I die more than I survive at the moment but I DO give as good as I get.

Only hardcore players left

With the release of COD’s new game mode its feels like only the hardcore Tarkov players a left and I’m currently no match for them. Which hurts me to admit because it means I’m getting old. I think once the wipe happens most of the community, I play with will all be on it again and battling away. The Tetris part of the game is super hard currently with the crap I’m hoarding as well. The flea market is carp price now as well.

Anyway, don’t forget to follow my teammates and check in on my DLive streams when you can.

I’ve been suffering from the virus so my DLive streams have been very on and off but will be back ASAP

I can’t put hunt showdown DOWN

Anyone who has been checking out my streams lately will know I have been streaming a lot of Hunt Showdown. I can’t seem to put the dam thing down.

Hunt: Showdown

For anyone who hasn’t played it or heard of it, Hunt has two modes a bounty hunter mode and a quick play mode. The quick play I don’t play as I always want to play as part of a team and Quick play is more of a solo game.

Now the mode I play is teams of 2 or 3 and can be done solo all going around trying to find and hunt these big boss things known as bounties. The guns remind me of an old western type guys basically nothing fancy or technology based like ark.

The games have a 60mins timer and the idea is to kill the bounty banish it and get the hell out but that’s the mission for everyone, so you more than likely will come across other players to kill to get out alive. If you don’t then well done.

What I love about the game is how addictive it is and the levelling up system is something I have never seen before and keeps you playing for hours and hours on end. Like all games though it does have the ability to cheat and when you come across them players the game does seem unfair (cause it is) and can get frustrating but the game is awesome and is definitely my game of the month to be playing.

Catch me on DLive for more hunt plays and Join me Kenny and New GP Kev from the SEO Team try our best to level up.

We will be taking a break from Hunt for a snooker match against Simseeker this Tuesday at about 7pm.


Royal Nawaab: A not so small hidden Gem

When a restaurant doesn’t sit in the heart of the city it has to do something special to pull in the punters. How many times have you eaten in a swanky restaurant in the middle of Manchester city centre, impressed with the décor, but underwhelmed by agonisingly average food?  

There are brilliant hidden gems spread out across Manchester that many visitors will miss on their trip, but which definitely deserve a dedicated trip to sample the menu. One of these hidden gems is Royal Nawaab.

This Indian and Pakistani banquet hall doesn’t follow the usual trend of hidden gems of being the size of a…well, a gem. This banquet hall is built in an old Levenshulme cinema on Stockport Road and is massive; both in size and in scope of selection and flavours. The streets outside are lined with brightly lit takeaways, but it is the bright lights of Royal Nawaab that eclipse everything else.

Stepping through the door at Nawaab is like stepping into a Bollywood movie set; pictures of famous Bollywood stars past and present adorn the walls and a grand fountain takes centre stage in the lobby. Through a side door you enter the restaurant where you face a sea of seats, and on the horizon, one of the biggest selections of Indian and Pakistani cuisine anywhere in Manchester.

The banquet itself has one of the largest selections of starters and sides; including samosas, puri, naans and poppadoms, kebabs, chicken wings and spring rolls, all cooked to absolute perfection.

Some dishes you will recognise as part of every Indian feast you’ve ever had, but there are some rarer surprises like the fish masala; deep fried chunks of white fish marinated in a masala blend that will become your new addiction.

Once you’ve piled through a few plates of starters in an attempt to try it all, you can move on to a huge selection of curries ranging from mild chicken jalfrezis and chicken kormas, medium curries like daal, handi, karhi pakora, all the way to a handful of super-hot curries for the braver palettes.

A personal favourite is their authentic lamb or chicken Balti. The succulent meat and infused rice create a dish that is impossible to pass without piling your plate high once you’ve set your eyes on it.

Save some space, because the selection of desserts is one to bring out the child in every visitor. You’ll be frozen in wide-eyed wonder at their delicious ice cream selection. But make sure you try some of their unique Pakistani and Indian desserts that will make you feel nostalgic for a childhood you never knew. Gajar Halwa, a sweet carrot, nut and cream dish is the carrot cake you’ve never had before, and Umm Ali is a traditional Egyptian bread pudding served with flaky pastry, raisins and sultanas that deserves a few bowlfuls.


Why I Picked DLive?

So, as a very part time streamer you may ask why I picked DLive as my home

Other question you may ask is what is DLive.

The number 1 reason is the community and the people I have met on DLive that’s why I made DLive my home. I followed Proj3ct and Miss_MDK to DLive when they moved over from twitch as a viewer and the welcome, they got I had never seen before and was something I have not seen on any platform since. So, after visiting my Brother in Australia I Decided to give DLive a shot myself in April.

Since then I have never looked back, I have met some amazing people and even somehow created a community myself. Watching streamers and streaming inspires me everyday to help people and to help myself do better. If I was still on twitch, I’m almost 100% sure I wouldn’t be this happy about my Streaming.

DLive still new but learning

DLive is still something that people are unaware off, and some people have never heard of it which is a shame. But with the belief of people like PewDiePie, Tidy labs, LtZonda and myself (ha-ha yes, I want to be up there one day) It is constantly growing and don’t get me wrong its going to be rollercoaster ride with something new like this but I love a platform willing to learn and change when it feels it should,

Anyone Platform that listens to its streamers and I mean Listens because we have Partner meetings all the time then I will do what I can to help.

DLive is my home and if anyone needs any help with anything to do with their streams then me and the community, I am in are always happy to help.